Why Soccer (Football) Is the Most Popular Sport in the World

Often are times you seat and wonder what it means to win for English Sportsmen. Its for sure a catchy fever. Their main focus is to win. This justifies the effort they put to a top-bodybuilding programme that assures them of a win, if not to the world, at least in their mother land. It also ensures them a win in the hearts of their team mates, and above all to their fans, friends and family.

Looking back in history of the nation, English People have always enjoyed holding prominent place in the society through their achievement. ข่าวบอล In the 18th and 20th century, this spirit was achieved through exploring their own environment and in the beginning came great scientist Like Charles Darwin( 1809-1882) with the Theory of evolution. Joseph Lister (1827-912) father of asceptic technique, who revolutionized surgery. Others like Isaac Newton (1643-1727) on law of Gravity, Edward Jenner( 1749-1823) with discovery of vaccines and not to forget others like Alexander Fleming (1759-1833) with the discovery of Antbiotics which revolutionised medicine.

Their influence was not limited to their mother land. They wanted to discover the world about them. This is how we have great explorer like the medical christian missionary David Livingstone (1813-1873), William Wilberforce (1451-1506), the pioneer to end of slavery.

This was however not enough for them,a craving for influence and recognition by the rest of the world made them try to get a piece of the world by creating colonies outside Britain This meant they were involved in partition of Africa and many more Achievements. Their desire is clearly evident in the way they left lasting influence on verbal communication,the English language Legacy to the world.

Having done all the competition they could, they concentrated on activities at home. The world had moved on, and somehow their inherent spirit of competition got catchy, this time it had hold on sports. The royals had special sports, upper class their own, and lower and middle class got their own. The middle class and lower class not only saw fame in the sports they took to like football, but realised can make it a profession. People like David Beckham have been top world earners from their passion of sports.

Sports are now not so much as a source of income. They are more of a fulfillment of comradeship and fame. It is also that competition spirit to win and be recognised by the world. Britain still remains a nation that values prominent place in the international arena. This has been upheld by London being a financial market center until the recent global financial meltdown. Brits work hard at it, and its not a wonder even in a time of recession London remains a city that does not sleep.

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